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Terms & Conditions

Access to our gym is limited to members or authorized guests only.

All members must have a valid membership plan.

  • Membership plans include a key fob for access within member hours.

  • No tailgating! Members must access the facility via their own key fob.

  • Sharing of key fobs with non-members is prohibited and will result in deactivation of key fob.

Guests may access the facility during business hours only with prior authorization and arrangement.

  • Guests may accompany a member with a minimum access fee.

  • If purchasing a 12 month agreement. 30 days is required to cancel your membership agreement. This authorization will remain in effect until cancelled. A cancellation notice must be written and an explanation of why you are cancelling Email to  - Early termination fee of  $50.00  will be automatic charge. 

  • We strive to maintain a secure and private gym therefore, for the security of all our members Do Not Open the Door to Non-members, anyone knocking or guests wanting to tour our gym after hours. Violation this simple rules will automatic terminate your membership.   


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